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Why The Left4Dead Series Still Has An Extremely Active Fan Base


Zombies. Who doesn’t love them? They’re quite frankly terrifying yet the thought of an impending zombie apocalypse tends to get people pumped up for some reason. Pretty much everyone in this day and age, especially those who grew up in what could be considered the “zombie” era has a “Z-Day” plan. If you don’t, you’re in the minority and you should start thinking about what you’re going to do when the dead come back to life and start roaming the earth in flesh hungry mobs. Zombies are one of those things that have become such a popular concept that almost anything involving them gets a lot of attention. That may be why even the CDC had jumped aboard the zombie apocalypse bandwagon at one point. At least, let’s hope that’s why and that they don’t know something we don’t. While general interest in the topic may have something to do with what created Left4Dead’s large following in the first place, what is it about the game that keeps people playing?

It’s More Than Just a First Person Shooter Game

Love Zombies? Left 4 Dead Is For You
Love Zombies? Left 4 Dead Is For You
Left4Dead One and Two, both produced by Valve developed startlingly shocking fan bases rather quickly and have managed to maintain them even though they’ve both now been out for years. This may have something to do with everything it brings to the table. There’s so much to do. It really is the game as a whole that makes this game playable over and over again. Let’s take a look at the specifics.

There’s Actually a Plot Line

It’s not all just point and shoot. There is, (especially in the second game) an overlaid plot line that really works for the game itself. It may just be getting from point A to point B, but the troubles in getting there are addressed and makes for a more tied together and conducive feel in the gameplay. Not to mention, DLC has been released that has a point where the characters from the first game, and characters from the second game meet making for a great tie in with funny dialogue and some awesome content. The game has the ability to make you actually develop some kind of feelings towards these characters, and it makes you give a crap whether they actually survive or not. Which leads me to my next point.

The Characters Are Likeable

While the first game has some great and really quick-witted characters to it, I think the second game is the one that really drives this point home. The group of survivors you are playing really feel like a cohesive unit. They start out not really knowing each other and being slightly wary to growing more and more fond of each other as the game progresses. The banter and comments are funny and well delivered and it really has you rooting for them by the end.

The Experience of Both Games Delivers the Best of Both Worlds

The first game comes off as much darker than the second. While zombies as a whole are generally a darker concept, it really comes off grittier than the second game. Left4Dead 2 tends to go for the more comedic side of the apocalypse and just listening to the character of Ellis especially is worth a play through. They were able to pull in a bigger fanbase this way in the end. You have your gamers who go for a more dark kind of game raving over the first, and then you keep them with the great gameplay and all of the interesting mini games (which I will talk about from the second.) On top of that, you pull in those who like a little more laughs with their gameplay for the second.

Mini Games

The Game Has An Extremely Active Fan Base
The Game Has An Extremely Active Fan Base
Not only do you have the base storyline to play through as many times as you desire, either by yourself or with others online, but there are tons of online mini games which up until recently were being added regularly. To name a few there are Scavenge, which requires you and your teammates to work together to collect gas cans and fill up a generator while those on an opposing team playing the zombies work to stop you. There is also Versus mode, which is basically playing through a level in sections with your team while another team of four, once again playing the zombies try to stop you before you reach the end. Click Here For Left4Dead Walk thrus & Cheats.

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