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Why Hiring Family Members Is Too Complicated


There will be so many reasons it may seem like a good idea at first. What could possibly go wrong when hiring a member of your family? You already know and trust one another, and it’s always good to help a brother out quite literally. So what’s the big deal? Even in the closest families, working together and being related can put a strain on both ends of the relationship. It makes leaving work at work a lot harder to do and has the potential to affect your life both at work and at home. But turning family down for a job can also reap family drama so what can you even do? You must evaluate any circumstance, so here are some tips on how to avoid the pitfalls and complications of hiring your family members.

Don’t Mix Your Work Life And Your Love Life

Avoid Hiring Family Members
Avoid Hiring Family Members
You think you really know someone, but that can change when you work with them. It might seem ideal to hire a spouse or relative because you know a lot about each other and can trust them not to steal from you. But in a working environment factors are very different and can show very different sides of your personality to one another. There is a big risk that a disagreement at work could bleed into home life. Instead of getting to leave your work at the door at the end of the day, you could come home to find you are still being held accountable for decisions you made at work or vice versa. Fights will resonate in all areas of your life instead of being more isolated events. You may also find that having to work closely with relatives is just too much time around the same people. You run the risk of growing increasingly snappy and resentful of them and unlike regular employees you can’t get rid of them forever by firing them. Once you agree to hire a relative it is even more difficult to fire them than it is to simply turn them down in the first place.

Rules Don’t Apply To Family

A common side affect of working with family and non related employees at the same time is that family members often form a false assumption that work rules do not totally apply to them the way they do to regular employees. They can have whatever time they want of from work, unless you want to hear about it forever. They can get away with arguing with you at work, even though you are the boss. If anyone else tried to argue with you as their manager you would fire them for insubordination. Family think they can be late even, and you’re more likely to overlook it. A family member will not properly accord you with respect as a manager because your family roles will affect the way they perceive and react to you. The preexisting relationships are too strong to bring into a work environment.

What To Do When You Have To Hire Them Anyway

Sometimes you owe your brother a favor and you have to hire him or his nephew against your better judgment. Just for a little while they say. What precautions can you take to protect yourself, your business and your family? It’s tough when you have to look out for so many different factors, but what you really need is extra diligence. Take time out to have a meeting with your family member when you hire them and let them know you are holding them to higher standards. That you expect to be respected if they expect to have a job and continue working with you. Make it clear right away you aren’t willing to be a pushover and that you are under no obligation to continue working with them if they don’t perform up to standard. Communication can be extra hard with family, especially when you want to be cool with them but also need to set boundaries. Be sure to respect yourself and do what is best for you and your business first and foremost. If you have any chance of working peacefully with that family member, they will respect you.

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