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Greg Lohan

Laptop Add-Ons That Can Extend Your Unit’s Life

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Laptop Add-Ons That Can Extend Your Unit’s Life

Laptops are so convenient that it’s no wonder so many people have come to rely on them almost exclusively for their computing needs. As a matter of fact, the only computer that many people own these days is a laptop. Lots of people have decided that big, power consuming desktop PC units just aren’t worth it when they can take their laptop anywhere with them. Combined with a smartphone, and you have the perfect mobile technology combination! You might be one of those people who has come to rely heavily on their laptop over any other device. If that’s the case, then you have a vested interest in squeezing as much life out of your machine as possible. Think about it. Laptops are expensive. No one wants to have to replace a laptop every other year. However, they are fragile devices, and sometimes pieces of them can break or stop […]

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