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Dealing with a Husband That Smokes When You Don’t

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Dealing with a Husband That Smokes When You Don’t

They say when you love someone; you have to accept all their flaws along with their strengths. But what happens if what you can’t accept is their smoking habit? You could handle it when both of you were dating, maybe because you were too focused on how your partner’s lips looked around the cigarette, rather than thinking of any long-term ramifications of living with a smoker. When the both of you were dating, your partner probably took special care to make sure that you won’t be negatively affected by his smoking. He probably ate mints to make sure you wouldn’t smell the smoke in his breath, or sprayed deodorant to mask the stench of cigarettes on their clothes. But now that you have gotten hitched, the need to put their best foot forward to impress you is gone. You find yourself living with someone that has impossibly bad breath, and […]

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