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What to Do when Your Partner Doesn’t Like You Watching Porn

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Let’s be honest: most men watch porn. Many women enjoy it, too – whether it’s your standard filmed porn, erotic art, or written erotica, human beings are wired to enjoy representations of sex. But that can cause problems if your partner feels jealous or upset over your viewing habits. What can you do if your partner doesn’t like you watching porn? You don’t necessarily have to go cold turkey or start deleting your browser history. Here’s some tips for discussing it in a way that leads you both to a compromise you can live with honestly and happily. However, there are scams abound so only trust reviews of real sites in this space and rely on ratings for good fun that are real. Find Out What They Don’t Like Do they feel like you’re comparing them to porn actors or actresses – and they’re coming up short? Do they have […]

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