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Greg Lohan

Is the Paleo Diet Accurate to the Paleolithic Era?

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Is the Paleo Diet Accurate to the Paleolithic Era?

The Paleo Diet has been making leaps and bounds in the dieting world as being a huge change of lifestyle diet. When you’re eating this kind of diet you’re really eating how our Paleolithic ancestors did long ago, and this is the diet (the theory goes) that started humanity on the road to planes and cars and the Internet. Clearly, you can’t go wrong when you’re eating like this. The real question here isn’t whether or not this diet is good for you; anything that emphasizes vegetables and portion control is going to be good for you. The question, simply put, is whether this diet really echoes the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors. Grains Were Scarce avoiding a lot of breads and grains. The argument here is that they didn’t have these during that era in history. Simply put, it wasn’t possible to gather enough grains to make flour until […]

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