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Greg Lohan

Do Women Really Like Jerks?

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Do Women Really Like Jerks?

There’s an age-old stereotype that women love jerks. Guys who don’t treat them well, return their calls, or even pay all that much attention to them seem to be snagging up women left and right. What’s the deal? Do they really like to be treated that way? The answer is no. You might be wondering why they stick around if they don’t even like how they’re treated. It’s complicated, but if you can understand why women seem to like jerks then you can sneak in and save her before she even knows how bad she’s got it. Dive into some crazy logic and educate yourself on why women seem to like rude guys. Confidence Confidence is one of the top sought after qualities that women look for when they’re dating. While a mean guy doesn’t necessarily have a good version of confidence, they do have self-esteem out the ass. These […]

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