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How to Find Out What Type of Guy He Is Immediately During the First Date

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1-typesFinding out what type of guy he is when you go on the first date can save you a bunch of trouble. Men can be notorious for pretending to be something that they’re not in order to attract women. There are few things worse than meeting someone and thinking he’s a great guy, only to discover that he was nothing more than a jerk and a pervert who simply wanted to get laid. Save yourself some trouble and try to figure out what type of guy he is before you let things go too far. When using sites, even the best websites can scam you out of money like these guys that reviewed the top cam sites for live chat and found that the real ones charge premiums to users.

How Does He Treat Service Workers

One easy way to find out what type of guy he is during the first date is how he treats service workers. If the two of you have decided to go out to dinner for your very first date, pay close attention to how he treats the people on the wait staff. If he doesn’t greet your waiter or even bother to look at them when they begin speaking, chances are he’s not going to be the most respectable person. Think about how he behaves when he orders his food. If he fails to even make eye contact, and instead stares directly at you while he hands his menu off, it can be a sign that he doesn’t care about other people. He may even be controlling while pretending to be a “nice guy.” If he doesn’t leave a tip at the end of dinner, it’s safe to say that this guy is probably a jerk.

You should also pay attention to how he treats cashiers, or any other type of service workers. If a cashier asks how he’s doing, and he completely ignores them, he may not be the type of guy you want to be around. If he tosses his money done on the counter for them to pick up, it also shows that he holds himself to be a higher class individual. People who treat service workers badly, are usually not worth your time. Not only is it incredibly rude, it shows that he doesn’t think far enough to ahead to even consider what a service person may do to get back at him.

How Often Does He Mention Sex (Even Jokingly)

2-menAnother way you can tell what type of guy he is deals with how often he talks about sex. Many people excuse men from constantly talking about sex because they’re “men.” However, this shouldn’t make any difference, especially when he’s trying to make a good introduction. Asking about sex, or squeezing in innuendos every chance he gets while the two of you are talking is a good sign that he’s pretty much only looking to get laid. When he mentions sex in what he’s trying to pass off as a joke, pretend like you didn’t realize the innuendo, and then change the topic. If he brings up the innuendo, and explains it to you, it’s a good sign that he’s only about sex. Likewise, if he brings up another innuendo, it is yet another sign that he’s only out with you because he’s hoping you’ll have sex with him.

A first date is a great way to find out what type of guy he is. If you discover that he isn’t what you thought he would be, do not feel obligated to keep dating him. Be smart and agree to meet him at whatever venue that the two of you chose, so you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of riding home with a complete jackass.

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