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Fun Activities that Will Make Sex Even Better

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1-burlesqueLearning a new activity can be fun. The only thing better than learning a new activity is being able to bring what you love into the bedroom. There are two particular activities that you can learn (and that many instructors teach) that can turn your sex life into something completely amazing. Best of all, they will help to keep you healthy.

Spice Things Up with Some Burlesque Dancing

One great way to spice things up in the bedroom is to go out and learn some burlesque dancing. Burlesque dancing is a fun and sexy way to learn something new that you can transfer into the bedroom. When you want to strip for your man, but you want to do it in a sensual and sexual way that you’re a little more comfortable with, burlesque could be just what you’re looking for. Burlesque brings a level of beauty to performing for your man that you may enjoy more than a common striptease.

To start out, you’re going to need to find out more information about burlesque. Try searching online to see if there are any local classes that you can visit that will teach you have to do you own burlesque dancing at home. If there are, sign up as soon as possible, and then be willing to learn everything your instructor has to teach you. If there aren’t any local burlesque teachers around, there are still a few different things that you can do. The first thing would be to find burlesque dancing online. Watch online tutorial to give yourself a few tips. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply watch a burlesque show online. There are usually plenty of them out there, which range from experienced burlesque dancers to newbies just like you.

You will also need to gather your costume. One classic thing about burlesque is the beautiful costumes that the dancers wear. Search the Internet for an affordable outfit for you to wear for your first burlesque performance for your man. Make sure you keep it a surprise for him. The next time he comes home, and you want to give him a great surprise, show him everything you’ve been learning. Sex will usually follow, and you can use some of those sexy moves in the bedroom. Don’t worry about being perfect when you’re dancing for him. This is supposed to be a gift for him, but it should also be fun for you as well.

Learning to Appreciate Pole Dancing

2-poledancingAnother great way to have a bit of fun both in and out of the bedroom is to learn how to pole dance. Some people like to make fun of pole dancing. This is usually because these people have no idea exactly how much work goes into pole dancing to make an amazing show. Pole dancers are often very healthy and athletic and can do many things that some of us only think we can do. Learning to pole dance can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. It simply takes a lot of practice, and a bit of a willingness to possibly embarrass yourself.

Pole dancing classes are popping up all over the world. When you want to learn how to pole dance, start by seeing if you can find a class nearby. If you can’t, things may get a bit harder for you, but learning to pole dance is still possible. If a class is available, sign up. Make sure you come dressed ready to dance. You can bring those sexy heels with you, but you may also want to bring some sneakers and comfortable clothing. If you can’t find a class to teach you pole dancing, you are going to have to rely on the Internet to provide videos for you. You may also be able to purchase a few DVDs to get you started. More importantly, you’re going to need to have access to a pole. You should be able to find these for sell online. Take your time searching. Make sure you buy from a legit company. When sites are rated against each other you should think that it can be fun to read reviews like these because the top sites charge their users a lot in the sex cams space.

Remember this pole is going to support your body, so you don’t get something that is flimsy that it going to fall apart while you’re hanging from it. Learning burlesque and pole dancing takes time, but most of the time you will feel rewarded after each class. You will also become healthier by doing something that you enjoy. You and your man will love it.

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