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Do Women Really Like Jerks?

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There’s an age-old stereotype that women love jerks. Guys who don’t treat them well, return their calls, or even pay all that much attention to them seem to be snagging up women left and right. What’s the deal? Do they really like to be treated that way? The answer is no. You might be wondering why they stick around if they don’t even like how they’re treated. It’s complicated, but if you can understand why women seem to like jerks then you can sneak in and save her before she even knows how bad she’s got it. Dive into some crazy logic and educate yourself on why women seem to like rude guys.


 Women Love A Man With Confidence
Women Love A Man With Confidence
Confidence is one of the top sought after qualities that women look for when they’re dating. While a mean guy doesn’t necessarily have a good version of confidence, they do have self-esteem out the ass. These guys think very highly of themselves, which can even extend to what they have in their lives. They might be very proud of their cars, houses, and that’s right, even their women. If he brags about her to his friends or says that she’s hot in front of her to someone else, she can take that as a boost herself. His confidence is rubbing off on her so much that when he’s totally rude she forgives him.


¨Sometimes Its All About The Looks¨ Truth Or Myth?
Sometimes Its All About The Looks
Sometimes women don’t give a crap if he’s a jerk sometimes because he’s hot. They like to show off their arm candy to their friends. Many of the bad boys in film tend to be attractive and cocky. While that works well on-screen, they don’t think about it the rest of the time. The ladies let their lower lips talk too much sometimes, just like guys can end up thinking with the wrong head. If he was ugly she’d have a harder time putting up with it in some cases.

She’s the One

Many women get with the jerks because they think that they’re the one to change him. He’ll see what a good girl he has and want to change his ways for the better. While she’ll never openly brag about it, she knows that it was all her doing that made this happen. In reality these guys are simply rude and will continue being that way until they’re ready to change themselves. You can always be around to prove that there are nice guys who are interesting without having to verbally abuse everyone around them. What a crazy concept.

Sweet Words

Jerks are used to always being on the verge of losing the lady that they’re with. Because of that they also have to know what to say to keep her around. Remember the bit about telling someone how hot his girlfriend is? It’s not romantic, but when he needs to he can make a woman feel like the most important thing out there. He becomes all soft and tells her how special she is and how she’s not like the other girls. Unfortunately, the other girls fell for the same lines. But because his demeanor changed so much and this softer side of him is just for her, she falls for it and believes him. When it comes time, you can always prove that sweet guys have sweeter words than jerks who save them for the last minute.

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