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Best Tech Accessories for Teens that Already Have it All


Sometimes when you’re trying to think of what to get a teenager for Christmas, whether they’re your own kid, a grandchild, or just the child of a close friend, you can come to a total loss. Tech-based gifts are wildly popular and can prove be incredibly useful to modern teens. Most youths spend a majority of their time on or around computers, games, or mobile devices like their phones and tablets. Many are interested in partaking in the up and coming Internet and game based careers that are opening up as a new, technology based generation enters the workforce and bring new information contributions to the table. Things aren’t like they used to be. If you’re unfamiliar with all the latest and greatest gadgets, it can be hard to get an idea of what to buy for a teen who already has it all – an iPhone, a tablet, a laptop, an Xbox. What’s left?

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to find a good gift. Instead of a big purchase, instead look at accessories for what they already have. A complimentary gift for their favorite gadgets will be a welcome addition to their space!

Personalized Bags, Sleeves, and “Socks”

Mobile devices are everywhere and they were designed for portability – but unfortunately, it seems no one was compelled to make them durable as well. A high quality bag or carrying case is the perfect gift for helping protect a laptop, iPad, or other tablet. Alternately, for tablets and phones, you can buy handmade or mass produced “socks,” which are simply knit material sleeves that slide over a device to protect from surface scratches during travel.


Must Have Tech Accessories For Teens
Must Have Tech Accessories For Teens
If your teen uses headphones to listen to music a lot, chances are they go through pairs of headphones on a semi-frequent basis. Pick up some mid-grade headphones for them in their favorite colors or featuring a favorite character or brand. You might think cartoons are childish, but it’s trendy right now for young adults to get back in touch with their favorite childhood cartoons or modern renditions like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Adventure Time. Make sure you’re familiar with their interests before making a purchase, though.

Cases and Holders for Headphones

Similarly, you can look into cases and holders for earbud headphones. These are the style of headphones that come included with iPhones, and are commonly much cheaper than larger varieties that encompass the ear. They also have a nasty habit of getting tangled in pockets and purses. There’s a variety of cases and clips available that allow you to quickly wrap and store headphones without having to worry about entanglement later on. Your teen will appreciate the gesture!

Wireless Speakers

Most all music now is stored on online accounts and then downloaded to phones and other mobile devices for listening. Unfortunately, phone speakers don’t get all that loud, and can get blown out or damages from having the volume turned up too loudly for too long. Save your teen the trouble by seeking out a high to mid quality wireless (or Bluetooth) speaker that can connect with their phone and play their music as loud as they want without damaging their smartphone. These speakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, color, brands, and prices, so find one that fits your budget and that will make them smile.

Google Chromecast

This handy little device plugs into the smart TVs found in most households that bought a television in the past few years. Once plugged in, you can open accompanying apps on your laptop or tablet and have them displayed right on your TV! YouTube videos, Pandora stations, web browsing, streaming, all displayed in full on the TV. What more could a teen ask for than to play all their favorite YouTube videos on the big screen while they’re home alone? And the kicker – it’s only $35! That’s the kind of gift that will keep your wallet happy and make them smile. Who knows – parents could get some use out of it to, listening to their favorite bands from back in the day while the kids are at school!

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