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6 Easy Ways to Improve Health This Week

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You want to get in shape, lose forty pounds, and run a marathon. So does everyone else. The difference is that these things don’t happen overnight, and when you don’t see results most people want to give up and start again with something else. That’s why so many people start diets that they never finish, or make big promises in the new year about ways they’re going to tackle their fitness and then never actually do it. If you’re looking for a grand plan on how to turn your entire health life around, keep looking. This is about the small things that you can do for your health today. Right here, right now, you can turn your health around. In fact, here are six things that you can do in order to change your health this very week.

Drink Two Liters of Water a Day

You actually have to drink slightly less than this per day; however, it’s better to be two ounces over than try to calculate how many eight ounce glasses of water you’ve had. A two liter bottle is easy to visualize, and will let you know one way or the other whether you’ve had enough. Plus, you can fill a two liter at the start of the day and then pour the water into smaller cups, so you’re always sure how much you drank. If you’re chronically dehydrated you’ll be surprised just how much of your fatigue and pain disappears when you’re full of water.

Don’t Hit Snooze in the Morning

Snooze might feel like seven minutes in heaven, but it’s playing hell with your schedule. For one thing, the alarm is a stressful way to wake up. Every time your alarm goes off you’re driving another needle of stress into your brain. The other problem is that you’re training your brain to wake up later when you let it go back to sleep. If you really got up every time your alarm went off, your brain would learn that this was the time to get up and you wouldn’t have to repeat the lesson again every morning. You might even wake up before your alarm some days.

Drink a Green Smoothie for Breakfast

Remember To Drink Your Green Smoothie
Remember To Drink Your Green Smoothie
Mix fruit, water, and vegetables in the blender for your heart’s content every morning. This surprising pick-me-up tastes like fruit but packs all the energy and vitality of veggies. If you don’t know what it’s like to start your day with a shot of fresh iron and great vitamins, you don’t know what it’s like to be truly awake. Plus, the fiber will help you to feel good all day.

Take a Walk During Your Lunch Break

Sometimes it can be really tough to fit in the time for a good walk. You have to get up, go to work, and then you’re done with work and you have to take care of everything else in your life before you go to sleep, wake up and do it all again. Giving up your lunch break to the cause of fitness can feel like giving up your “me time”. Don’t worry, however; moderate physical activity, like a brief walk for half of your lunch break, say, has been shown to reduce stress twice as well as a nap.

Manage Your Portions

Manage Your Portions
Manage Your Portions
This can be the toughest one, but it’s something that you have to work on. For your health, try to only eat one serving. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat less; just be real with yourself. Load your plate up with as much food as you’re going to want to eat. This will let you get a good look at how much you’re really going to be eating. When you see it all together, that’s when you’re going to start making the call and cutting back. It’s easy to forget how much you’re eating when you’re going back for seconds or thirds; when you see it in one place, that’s serious.

Do Something You Love

Happy people live longer. If you have something in your life that you love to do, do it this week. Even if you’re busy. Even if you’re tired. Carve out 45 minutes one day and just go wild with your hobby. You’re going to be happier and thus, healthier, and it took less than an hour from your week.

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