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5 Tips to Take from How Women Handle Breakups

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Women and men handle breakups very differently. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing good in how the ladies take the pain. If you’re having a hard time getting over your ex-girlfriend maybe it’s time that you take the plunge a try to handle this like a girl. Getting over a break up is never easy, but when you follow these five tips you’ll be able to see how women can both get over guys faster and completely go to pieces without one. When you come out the other side you’ll be ready to go another round with a woman.

Rediscover Your Own Goals

Learn To Handle Breakups
Learn To Handle Breakups
Women tend to let go of their own goals when they’re in a relationship. This would be all fine and good, but they encourage their men to abandon their dreams as well. If you were in a relationship that lasted longer than a year you should think back and try to remember what you wanted to do with your life then versus what you want to do with your life now. Odds are good that there’s a big difference between the two and you can blame that on your lady. Now that she’s not your girlfriend anymore you should dust off those old ambitions. You could still find that it gives you joy to practice being a professional fly fisher, or whatever dreams she got in the way of.

Don’t Hold in Your Complaints Anymore

Women turn absolutely catty when they’ve broken up with someone. It doesn’t matter if you dumped her or she’s the one who ended things with you; you can bet that your dirty laundry has been aired to all of her friends. Even if it’s not usually your way to gossip, after a breakup is when you should indulge. There’s going to be a lot of things that you never got the chance to say to her and it’s all going to be bubbling up. Fair’s fair, and if she gets to talk about it then so do you. Tell your friends to pull up a chair because this will take awhile.

Do Something Just for Yourself

Indulge Yourself
Indulge Yourself
You probably don’t want a day at the spa complete with facial and foot massage like she does, but you should still do something selfish purely for yourself. You should let yourself feel good. There are some deep happinesses that even a recent breakup can’t destroy. If there’s something that you’ve been wanting to do but you’ve held yourself back because she didn’t want to or you couldn’t afford it while you were spending all your money taking her out, now’s the time.

Get Some Action to Feel Attractive

Rebounds are the best things that anyone ever thought of. All you need is a bar scene, a late night, and the music playing. You’ll remember that you’re a hot stud and that she wasn’t the only woman in the world. It’s hard to miss one woman when you’ve got another in your arms, begging to come home with you. Even if she’s not usually your type or up to your standards, the purpose of a rebound isn’t to bag the hottest girl ever; it’s to prove that you’ve still got what it takes.

Feel Bad for Themselves

Sometimes life sucks. Women know that it’s okay to feel bad for themselves sometimes. You were into a woman and then she dumped you, it’s okay to feel bad for yourself. Something bad happened to you. If you refuse to admit that something bad happened it’s only going to get worse and then you won’t be able to admit that you’re still hurting. Don’t worry, you don’t need to confess your hurt feelings to anyone but yourself. If you allow yourself to feel bad when this happens you’ll be able to use those feelings up and move on to something more productive.

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